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Why the Cartier Santos makes a great everyday watch

Versatility is something the Cartier Santos has in spades, which you might find surprising given that, on the face of it, the Clone Santos de Cartier is a rectangular watch with a white, Roman-numeralled dial. But this latest watch has been designed with maximum user-friendliness in mind.

Not only does the watch come equipped with QuickSwitch and SmartLink systems for changing your strap and resizing your bracelet on the go, each Replica Watches also comes with two straps, and is offered in a range of sizes and plenty of case variants. So whether it’s work or play, there’s a Santos for you.

From black tie to regular tie, the Santos still has what it takes for your classic work wardrobe.The Cartier Replica Santos works here — though unless you happen to own the business, full gold might be a bit too much of a power move by the water cooler. But that’s not to say that you can’t flex a little, which is where two-tone comes in.

Light knit, neat jeans and steel Santos on bracelet. The Santos’ finely honed combination of soft curves and strong shapes really adds to this look, and you could even go so far as to say that the Copy Watches, in and of itself, is enough to put the smart into smart casual.

For a more casual look we’d suggest this calfskin strap with reinforced stitching to add some rugged to the equation — perfect with jeans and a T-shirt.With its new movement that’s protected against magnetism and Cartier Clone water resistant to 100 metres, this Steel Santos is a watch that can keep up with you, every step of the way.