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Tudor Clone Watches: Black Bay Bronze Review

Bronze replica watches have become quite a trend in recent years. Desirable not only for their unique aesthetic and their quirky appeal but also for their ability to develop a patina – a distinctive aged, vintage look that changes over time, giving them remarkable character.

Tudor Watches And The Black Bay Bronze

Tudor is a brand synonymous with premium quality. Upholding the reputation of its sister company (Rolex), Tudor Replica uses a sophisticated blend of robust and high-quality materials in the construction of its timepieces – namely those used for their diver’s range.

The clone watch catapults itself off the back of the Black Bay collection and is the only model that features bronze for its case material. Bronze alloys have been used for shipbuilding and for the development of diving instruments, and while it is not as strong or corrosion-resistant as stainless steel, bronze has the unique ability to develop a patina that reflects the life of its owner.

The many nooks on the crown and case will take on their own personality with time, enhanced further by two notably different shades of brown on the dial and bezel.