The Replica Rotonde de Cartier Astromysterieux in pink gold

In the new Cartier Replica rose gold version, the black guilloché ring is paired with polished rose gold Roman numerals and black gue-shaped hands, forming a sharp contrast.

The secret of the floating mysterious movement lies in the invisible gear hidden behind the chapter ring. The Cartier Clone movement is basically rectangular, with the minute hand fixed on the barrel and complete rotation of the dial in one hour.

The basic idea of the tourbillon is to install the escapement on a mechanically driven platform so as to form a single average slew rate in all vertical positions to find the average gravity error.

When the classic tourbillon rotates along its own axis, the watchmaker discovers more dramatic ways to display the tourbillon.

In the Cartier Replica Watch, the escapement and balance wheel are installed at the end of a rotating tourbillon cage, which rotates around the central axis of the dial once a minute. In this way, the balance becomes the second hand of the watch.

Astromysterieux takes the concept, execution and effect to a different level. In fact, it is like a minute hand, a central carousel tourbillon.