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The Nicknames of Replica Watches

Last month, we kicked off an in-depth look at the intricacies of watch hands. This stylistic and functional element of the watch might be something you overlook at first glance. However, there are dozens of different types of Replica Watcheshands, each painstakingly designed with a unique purpose and aesthetic. Here, we’re rounding out our exploration with Part II of watch hands and their nicknames.


Leaf hands or feuille hands, the French word for leaf, are another style whose name indicates the shape. They’re wide in the middle and narrow at each end, tapering at the base and the point. The design mirrors the shape of a long, slender leaf. This style is simple, sleek, and understated.


Pencil hands are yet another style whose name informs the shape. Like a classic wooden pencil, these hands are long, thin, and straight with a small point at the Copy Watches tip. Depending on the width of the hands, they may be solid or filled and applied with lume.


Plonguer means diver in French, and you’ll find this style on dive watches, like the Oomega Seamaster Replica Watches. The hour and minute hands feature a design with a specific combination: a simple, straight hour hand and a more prominent sword-shaped minute hand that’s often in a bold color, like orange.


Like a skeleton dial on a watch, skeleton hands feature an open-worked construction. Some skeleton hands will showcase a single see-through element. However, others may feature an intricate design or pattern with several small openings. Audemars Piguet Replica Watches and OMEGA are two examples of brands who employ this style of hands.


Sword hands look like plonguer hands to some extent. As the name indicates, they bear resemblance to a sword blade. Unlike plongeur hands, they don’t have a stem at the base. Dive and military watches are the most common styles to feature sword hands. However, they’re also in a variety of other models. One interesting example is the Cartier Drive Replica Watches.