The New Santos was the favorite watch

Cartier Watch For Excellence

The model Replica Cartier “Tonneau” appeared. As its name suggests, a form rather daring for the time, but also a case curved with a rare comfort on the wrist. Strangely proof of modernity at the time.

Roman numerals, timer, cabochon winding, “horn guns” horns, not to mention the leather strap that in 1906 represented a difference because associated with precious metals: modern I told you! Add Breguet typed hands, and you’re done.

First of all a total waterproofness, but also horns integrated in the curve of this curvex middle part of the most pleasant wrist. The biggest soul supplement comes from the new Cartier Replica developed specifically for the watch.

The extra soul of this chronograph Cartier Santos Clone is at the level of use of the chronograph. A push button is on the edge of the middle at nine o’clock to start it and interrupt the race and the reset is done through the crown by simply pressing it. A detail certainly, but we do not get tired!