The Cartier Tank Replica has quick-change strap system

When it comes to the world of small, rectangular watches, Cartier has reigned king for almost a century. The Cartier Tank Replica made its debut in 1917, and since then, it’s become a silhouette we all know very well.


Cartier’s Tank line doesn’t have the horological chops of the JLC Reverso. While it does come down to the specific model, Cartier Clone offers the Tank in both automatic and quartz movements.Though at a technical disadvantage, there’s something very charming about the simplicity of this Tank.


The Cartier offers a classic approach to a dress Replica Watch.For those with smaller wrists, the Tank offers a far more flat profile. It comes in at 5.5mm thick while the Reverso is almost twice as large at 10mm. Though 10-14mm thick is fairly standard for circular watches, it’s worth noting this wears more substantially in a square case.

The Cartier Replica offer legendary design cues that you can enjoy for decades to come. For those just getting into collecting, the Tank offers a great entry into non-circular watches.