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The Cartier Tank Replica: A History

The Cartier Tank: It’s Inception

Louis Cartier, the founder of the brand, invented the Cartier Tank in 1917. It is the brand’s most iconic model.The Cartier Tank Replica watch somehow manages to be both rectangular and square, borrowing lines from its namesake. The leather strap seamlessly integrates into the case, and Roman numerals grace the dial. Lastly, the crown features a single blue sapphire.

The Cartier Tank: Modern-Day Models

The Tank Anglaise is the largest of these collections. Its alignment is a recreation of the original publicly-offered Tank Replica Watches. This watch features a case-incorporated winding mechanism and a quartz movement. It comes in a variety of price points and materials.

The Tank Louis Cartier gets its name from the brand’s founder. It features rounded lugs and a couple of the models have a skeleton case.

The Tank Cartier Replica Watches is an elongated version of the classic. It has a slight curve, wrapping around the wearer’s wrist. Yet, even with the longer, narrower case, the proportions are just right.

The Tank MC is the most masculine version of this timepiece. It has a larger case and an exhibition back. Each version in the collection also has a small subdial for seconds.

The Tank Solo is a modernist’s dream. It has both curved and square angles and a crisp, clean dial. This Cartier Replica Watches Swiss Movement is designed for the 21st century, but showcases the best of the model.

The Cartier Tank Replica has been in production longer than most watches. It is easy to see why. It is an iconic masterpiece, that manages to marry classic design and modern principles. The current collection is expansive, ensuring there is a size, style, and price point for everyone. It’s likely the best unisex watch ever made.