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The Cartier Tank Fake Watch Is A Legend

Cartier tank is a legend

The design of the tank has been copied by many people, but of course there is only one original. The tank is a rectangular watch, but not entirely because both sides are a little longer than the center of the case a little longer. It makes the Cartier Tank Fake Watches as part of the overall design of the watch. Most tank watches feature Roman numerals, chemin de fer, the above payment card and a sapphire convex crown. Elegant look, suitable for both men and women. This can be seen on the wrist of many famous men and women today and in the past. Legend has it that Louis Cartier presented one of the first Tank watches to General John P. Pershing, the commander of the European U.S. expeditionary force. Thanks for the gift, and this gift also made him one of the first prominent owners of Cartier Replica Watches Swiss Movement. Other notable tank wearers include Gary Cooper, Catherine Deneuve, Alain Delon, Gunter Sachs, Andy Warhol, Yves Saint Laurent, Jackie Kennedy and Diana princess.

Tank Louis Cartier Replica

Created in 1922 in different sizes, the new Cartier Replica Watches uses the same hand-wound Cartier Caliber 8971MC. Women can choose from rose gold and platinum, set with diamonds. Then there are two pink gold models to choose from, the size does not contain diamonds. For men and women.

Tank Francaise Replica

Tank Francaise Cartier Replica was founded in 1996 as a bracelet, but of course there are also famous bank cards, Roman numerals and the “chemin de fer” dial. A new stainless steel version is small and medium-sized, powered by diamonds and quartz movement.

Tank Américaine Replica

Based on the 1921 curved Cheap Cartier Replica, tanks Americas was first introduced in 1989. A beautiful tank-shaped shell design, slightly raised form. According to Cartier, pay tribute to General Pershing’s first tank. TankAméricaine is also the first tank series in the Tank range to offer an arc-shaped waterproof case. The new 2017 TankAméricaine watches come in three sizes: small, medium and large. Small version has a quartz movement, while the other two models have an automatic movement.

Tank Cintrée skeleton Replica

To this end, Cartier will introduce two stunning models based on the 1921 CintréeSkeleton watch. CintréeSkeleton made of rose gold and platinum, are used manually winding movement 9917MC movement. Both watches are limited to 100 pieces. Skeleton moves along the curve of the Fake Cartier Watches Sale table, and transparent dial shows some of the key points of the tank table: hand and chemin de fer. Also available in diamond case case.