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Swiss Cartier Rotonde Astrotourbillon Skeleton Replica Watches From China

It is through its unique dial that this timepiece has become one of the iconic watchmaking complications of the Haute Horlogerie Cartier Replica collection.

Cartier revisits the traditional tourbillon design. For the first time, this complication is no longer limited solely to its technical function, it participates fully in the aesthetics of the watch. Unlike the classic tourbillon that rotates on itself, the Cartier Astrotourbillon Replica Watch is distinguished by its elongated cage that allows the pendulum to perform a dial revolution in one minute, marking the seconds.

As a sculptor of forms, Best Cartier Replica tackles this new interpretation of the Astrotourbillon. Fully exposed, clear of any other mechanism to go to the fore, it has been completely redesigned.

The whole is housed in a box of 18ct gray gold of 47 mm to which this graft the famous beaded crown adorned with a sapphire cabochon, another Cartier signature.

Cartier Replica Watches Swiss Movement today achieves the double feat of concentrating the movement under a quasi-sculptural appearance and generously deploying the orbital trajectory of this singular complication: the Astrotourbillon.