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Santos De Cartier Replica – A Star Is Leaving The Stage!

The new and sporty Cartier Santos in stainless steel, now with crown guards and automatic movement, not only changed the collection, it also changed the way people looked at Cartier. Suddenly the new Fake Cartier Santos Watches became a “Must Have” watch and an item people spoke about. The launch of the new Cartier Santos watch in Paris, October 20th. 1978, was a real historic date, since this was THE re-invention of the first and most famous Cartier watch; the Santos Dumont, that Louis Cartier originally created in 1904, for his friend.

This, for that time really incredible looking watch, was housed in a 29 x 41mm mm case. The mix of steel with gold was new and awaked the competition to create a lot of ‘Me Too’ products. Within a couple of years this new Cartier Santos became the most copied watch in the world, since it was, without any doubts, the watch to have, for the current and also for a new, mainly younger, clientele. Not long after the release, the Cheapest Cartier Watches was presented in all steel and every few years, variations on the model were added to the collection. Variations like an all yellow gold model, guilloche dials with applied gold numerals, a limited platinum version with a ruby set in the crown, round and octagon models, in steel and in steel gold, a limited edition Galbée in platinum with applied numerals and a stunning limited edition Galbée in 2002 with a grey dial, without a date window, are just to name a few.

Another important detail that changed the appearance of the Cartier Mens Watches For Sale, is the back of the case. The new curved shape of the case and the different movement, resulted in a flatter back. While the first model had that small funny tummy, the case of the Galbée XL is completely flat and curved. While there was no reason to complain about the fit of the classic Santos, the Galbée XL feels better and sits better on the wrist, mainly because of the curve.

The Santos is without a doubt among Cartier Replica Watches most legendary designs and, next to the Tank, the model people identify Cartier with. Which is no wonder, since the watch has been part of the collection for the last 38 years.Despite the fact that fashion dictates larger watches these days, it is remarkable how many classic Santos watches are still in use and especially how well the 18K gold version of the classic version is doing in the second hand market. The XL model, that certainly is the better choice, was unfortunately never available in yellow- or pink gold.