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Replica Santos de Cartier Skeleton “Noctambule”

Cartier has always been quite a subtle brand and for the Replica Santos de Cartier Skeleton “Noctambule” they take this even further, by coating the stainless steel case, crown, bezel and folding clasp with Amorphous Diamond-Like Carbon, or ADLC.

This gives the replica watch a deep black color, which almost has a velvet appearance on some parts due to the exceptional finish that Cartier has applied to them. The great benefit is that this color is here to stay, as ADLC is much harder than, for example, PVD, which is more commonly used in watchmaking.

Cartier made the movement the same color, but that is not all. Next to the hands, do also the bridges have a black luminescent material applied to them. While nearly invisible in the daylight, at night it lights up, highlighting the unique design of the Santos de Cartier Skeleton “Noctambule”.

Thanks to the redesigned bezel on this generation of the Santos de Cartier does it extend all the way to where the alligator strap begins. Combined with the traditional Cartier folding clasp does this make for a watch that not only looks good on the wrist but Cartier Clone Watches wears very comfortable.