Pure Gold; Two Metal Clone Watches

Even in today’s time, with high-tech carbon composites and exotic alloys ruling supreme, there is still that undeniable appeal of 18 karat gold. It can be rather discreet when you opt for white gold, more outgoing in the warm tones of rose gold, or an instant classic when you go for yellow gold. Gold pleases its owner with more than just its visual splendor.

Santos de Cartier Skeleton

With the latest generation of Cartier legendary Santos Replica. While an eyecatcher in any variety, it is the skeleton version that truly makes heads turn. While available in stainless steel, it is the pink gold version that allows this watch stand out even more. With matching hands and the skeletonized bridges shaped like Roman numerals, it oozes precious exclusivity. Cartier delivers the Santos de Cartier Clone Skeleton with an additional alligator leather strap, to which you can easily switch thanks to the “QuickSwitch’ interchangeable bracelet system.

Rolex Day-Date

The Rolex Day-Date Replica Watches can be considered as the benchmark when it comes to gold watches with a gold bracelet. While available in many different configurations, it is especially the one with the President-bracelet and fluted bezel that gives the Day-Date its iconic and recognizable appearance. It combines the precious looks of gold, with the robust oyster-case and convenient day and date indications.