IWC Portuguese Replica Watches With New Portugieser Name & Movement

One of the most strange parts of this watch has nothing to do with design, but the name. Sometimes IWC has already mentioned Portuguese as inside Portuguese, but I do not remember it as part of the official name of any of its products. For whatever reason, IWC decided to call this watch “Portuguese calendar”, and more logical “Portuguese calendar”, which will be more suitable for other names of the IWC Portuguese Replica Watches collection. I believe there is a reason, but it’s a bit mysterious now. Personally, I believe this may be a mistake, and the final watch will be corrected for the annual calendar of Portugal – we will see.

I am pleased that the watch is beautifully and technically beautiful, and IWC has launched a new sport. The brand will usually re-use the actions in a series of watches, preferring to use color, shell design and dial details. All that’s all fine, but i like iWc best – it’s something to do with some fascinating and technical stuff. Here, we in the 52000 series movement on the development of a new Cheap IWC Replica internal manufacturing movement 52850.

The 52850 builds on its family’s caliber, not only the annual calendar is complicated, but also some other improvements and improvements, the IWC claims to enter the other 52,000 family movements. This includes a new automatic rotor design, as well as some aesthetic improvements in the movement. Up to 16 hours of power storage on top of the 4Hz operation, the 52850 now has two barrels. The IWC Replica Watches claims that it is necessary to increase the additional torque required to move the various discs that display calendar information. Of course you also have auxiliary second hand and power reserve indicator.

All in all, I really like the layout of the IWC Replica annual calendar dial, which does not fundamentally change the appearance of the Portuguese, but only adds a little more. It not only adds the annual calendar display, but also adds a very easy reading and elegant set of annual calendar complication system. A trio window is adjacent to each other at 12 o’clock, and it reads the month, date and day of the week. This layout is made for technical reasons and ultimately shows how the Americans represent the date. Ideally the first day of the week will be said, but I do not complain at all. In my opinion, there is no need for the Swiss Replica IWC window under the trio “calendar”. I know that the brand may test whether the dial with the text, but that it did not add anything to the overall composition, but from the overall sense of elegance to eliminate a little.