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Since patina is one of Berluti’s trademarks, they decided to use Ice Brown patina on this Hublot Clone as the center stage. It is based on a retro bronze color and uses a unique glacier craft to make it modern.

Venezia leather was used for the first time in the Replica Watches bezel. Just like a watchband made of the same type of leather, the bronzer will only become richer over time.

This is achieved by placing the leather between two sapphire crystals. It provides Hublot Big Bang Replica with a vibrant but low-key appearance. A case made of micro-sandblasted and polished black ceramic enlarges it.

Hublot’s usual attention to detail can be seen in his hands, which are filled with brown luminescent material. They match perfectly with the bezel and Venezia leather dial, which is engraved with hour markers, numbers and even the words “Swiss Replica Made“.