Everything you need to know about the Cartier Tank Replica Watches

The Cartier Tank is a Replica Watch with an incredible century history, and a list of famous fans as long as your arm. Sandra runs through some of the variants on this classic watch, and some of its celebrity owners. Outstanding.

Louis Cartier’s practical, no-frills design has not only become one of the most successful and enduring watches of all time, it has accepted tweaks, updates and experiments without ever losing its integrity. And it is loved equally by men and women – for the not-so-simple reason that it’s perfectly suited to both.

The Santos-Dumont Copy Watch was also a catalyst for a major shift in taste. Louis Cartier couldn’t abide the fussiness of Art Nouveau – and his next two watches, the Tonneau (1906) and Tortue (1912), were equally clean-lined.

The new Tank Louis Cartier XL Slimline, carrying Cartier’s hand-wound in-house calibre 430 MC and measuring just 5.1mm thick, was a triumphant return of the design that had become a point of reference for all rectangular wristwatches for nine decades.

The fact that every variation has looked and felt so utterly right, so very Tank, is proof that Louis Cartier Replica original was not just a good design but a truly great one.