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Clone Cartier Privé Tonneau Skeleton Dual Time

Launched last year alongside the time-only Tonneau, the Replica Privé Tonneau Skeleton Dual Time is classical Cartier in style and execution.

The case is a century-old Cartier design that has not aged, while the movement is interesting in aesthetics and mechanics. In fact, the 9919 MC inside is surprisingly novel – it’s a skeleton, form, and curved movement with two time zones.

In terms of function, the Cartier Tonneau Skeleton Replica is straightforward to understand and operate.

The upper crown is for winding, as well as setting both time zones simultaneously. But the lower crown is actually a pusher: it advances the hour hand on the second time zone forwards by one hour.

Though the sub-dials are unlabelled, the set up of the Replica Watch means the the upper sub-dial shows home time, while the lower sub-dial indicates local time.

On the wrist, the Tonneau Skeleton is big but sized just right. Cartier Replica Watch tonneau shape looks slightly feminine as a result of its proportions, so the case has to be extra large to work as a man’s watch.

While the size and shape are perfect, the strap is narrow – inevitable given the case style – which is reminiscent of a lady’s copy watch.