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The Coussin de Cartier are Replica Watches intended for the female public and that they are “shaped”, a term that includes all those that are not round. In this case, they are square geometry watches, something that we also find in the iconic Santos but in a very different way.

The first factor that gives personality to the Coussin is already stated by its name, which implies that we will not find right angles in them since smooth shapes are predominant in the box. The second obvious factor is already denoted by Cartier in his description of this collection; “The Coussin de Cartier Copy Watches For Women is made to go out at night and cause a sensation”, something that gives it the spectacular setting of precious stones that all the watches in this new collection have on their bezel.

This is a characteristic common to the vast majority of high-end women’s watches, but in the chaos of the Coussin watches it goes much further, moving away from simple concepts and applying this setting with a design and complexity that gives them most of their character. and separates them from the conventional.

Cartier Replica Watches initially offers these Coussin in two sizes, 30.44 x 33.78 mm and 27.13 x 27.66 mm, in different combinations of type of gold for its case and precious stones for its setting, where we find diamonds. , tourmalines, tsavorites and spinels. The dials are limited to basic hour and minute indications but are divided into two distinct design groups.

Four of the Coussin versions only use diamonds in the decoration of their bezel and implement the characteristic Roman numerals as hour markers. The second group is made up of the three versions that resort to a mixture of precious stones on the bezel and dispense with any index, implementing a total setting at the base of its dial.

In addition to those we have described, Cheap Cartier Replica offers two other versions of the Coussin that I admit puzzle me. His case and his dial also respond to the “cushion” design but instead of a square-based geometry, he opts for a clearly rectangular one.

One of the two versions uses a staggering 1,011 brilliant-cut diamonds in its case. The second version combines 85 diamonds, 21 emeralds, 536 sapphires, 276 tsavorites, and 18 blue tourmalines. It is therefore clear that these two versions of the Coussin de Cartier fit squarely into the category of High Jewelry. At the moment, all versions of the Coussin de Cartier Fascinating Replica Watches are equipped with quartz movements.

Tank Louis Cartier

They have more watchmaking pedigree since the most notorious equip mechanical movements, but they do not constitute a new collection, a determining factor in the choice.

Specifically, it is the Tank Louis Cartier Perfect Replica Watch, the purest range from the historical point of view of this icon. The differential factor is found in the dials of two of these versions, to which an unprecedented decoration is applied that is really difficult to define.

To obtain this effect, an electrochemical etching technique has been used for the first time, which allows highly precise markings to be made. The color treatment technique is different depending on the version; lacquered for the red sphere and galvanized for the gray one. Finally, the dials are treated with a multi-layered gloss decal that highlights the four hour markers.

Another aesthetic innovation of these Luxury Tank Louis Cartier Replica is that the characteristic hour markers in the form of Roman numerals are reduced to four. In the same line of minimalist design, the also typical railway-type minute index that characterizes most Tank watches disappears.

Cartier presents us with a third version of the Tank Louis Cartier, with a yellow gold case, which shares the same size and movement of the two just described. It differs from them by its absolute black dial and minimalism in which we do not find any type of index. The result could not be more elegant, a quality that does not contradict the spectacular contrast generated by the gold of the hands and the gold of the Cartier signature on the black of the background.

The dimensions of the cases of these “large” size Tank Louis Cartier are 33.7 x 25.5 mm. The case of the version with a gray dial is made of rose gold, while the other two use yellow gold. The two images above show that with these dimensions, these Best Replica Watches move away from the trend of huge watches that we have experienced in recent years and opt for discreet elegance. Its low thickness, only 6.6 mm, reinforces this desire for elegance.

In these Tanks, Cartier does resort to watchmaking pedigree by equipping them with mechanical movements. It is caliber 1917 MC, a manual winding mechanism whose balance oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour and offers a power reserve of 38 hours.

To complete the novelties of the Tank collection, High Quality Cartier Replica presents two Must, one in a large size of 33.7 mm x 25.5 mm and another in a small size, of 29.5 x 22 millimeters, whose cases are made of steel. They are again characterized by the absolute black of the bottom of their dial, the absence of indices and the absolute minimalism that this generates. These two Tank Must are equipped with quartz movements.