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Cartier Tank Replica Watches Online

The Cartier Tank Replica is,one of the most iconic watches of all time, whose classic design has withstood the fluctuating whims of fashion for more than a century. Since Louis Cartier rolled it out in 1919, the Tank has graced the wrists of a veritable Who’s Who of movers and shakers.

Clearly, the Cartier Tank’s Replica crown falls down in this numerical regard. But I’m not going to make a fuss about that. More bothersome is the manner in which the blue of the cabochon, when allied to its distinctive shape, makes it look like it’s directly modelled on a police siren.

I understand the aesthetic rationale, too. The angularity of the case with its linear Roman numerals leans towards the austere, so the Cartier Replica crown is presumably aimed as a decadent counterbalance.

But it’s one thing livening up a grey business suit with a colourful pocket square. In this example, the extravagance of the crown is more akin to sticking peacock feathers in your button-hole.

While Cartier Clone continues to use genuine sapphires in its precious metal timepieces, the cabochons of the steel models are made from synthetic spinel.