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Cartier Rolls Out A Tank for the People

Few watch brands demonstrate such universally recognized elegance as Clone Cartier. With watches just as popular among men as they are among women. This year, in an effort to grow that discussion, and enlarge that audience, Cartier has added an intriguing new extension of its classical, emblematic Tank collection, the entry-level Tank Must.

Sizing ranges from Small to Large for the quartz editions, each of which is available with or without diamond-set cases and the choice for either a leather or H-link steel bracelet, while the Extra Large model is the sole version to include a mechanical movement.

The most attention-grabbing of the Cartier Tank Replica models, are a group of three watches in red-, blue-, and green-lacquered dials that hearken back to the most famous of the original 1970s Les Must de Cartier watches.

Featuring bright, minimalist dials, simple quartz movements, and the signature Tank silhouette with its clean lines, these watches are only available in Cartier Replica Watch“Large” sizing.

What’s more significant than the exclusive use of quartz, though, is the wide praise the lacquered-dial models have thus far garnered from the watch community and Best replica watch site reviews press.