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Cartier Replica With Beautiful Dial

The diamonds are brilliant shaped and they can move in three dimensions. We engraved cavities and developed a fluid that ensures the diamonds move slowly. The diamonds are effectively floating in the fluid and then they fall slowly into the cavities. The entire Replica Watch is filled with fluid. One of the challenges was that this fluid must also be invisible. It must be completely transparent.

It’s like watching a magic trick. As you turn your wrist, the blank dial starts to fill with tiny gold beads, flowing from top to bottom to form a stylised panther’s face. Moments later, the image collapses as the beads flow out the bottom at 6 o’clock. Where do they go? Who knows. They’re hidden below the dial somewhere, waiting for the next wrist-flip. Beautifully bonkers in the best possible way.

The lacquered colours are stunningly rich and deep, a choice of black, green or red. The apple-shaped have enough presence to balance the panther. The diamonds on the bezel are, well, bien sûr, Cartier Replica.

Good news for those of us who think a quartz movement is a bit of a cop-out in artistic and jewellery fake watches: Cartier has chosen its hand-wound mechanical calibre 430 MC, an ultra-slim movement that we’ve previously seen in the Drive and Santos collections.