Cartier Replica launch of its new Santos collection

Bringing change agents from the world of stage, screen, culture and movement, it is trying to recreate the “salon” that has been prospering for many years. Louis Cartier has created one of the most iconic works – the world’s first truly modern wrist. Table, Replica Santos De Cartier.

Alongside an invited audience of international media and friends of the maison, Cartier had brought together a stellar group of panellists, including Idris Elba, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Freida Pinto, David LaChapelle and Yves Béhar, to celebrate the convening power of bold and fearless thinking – the key attribute that led to Fake Cartier Watches Louis Cartier’s creation of the Santos, named after, and inspired by, the achievements of his friend, the early aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont.

Santos-Dumont’s feats as a pioneer of heavier-than-air flight had coincided with an era of huge social and scientific change, particularly in his adopted city, and birthplace of Cartier, Paris. So, in 2018, for the Cheapest Cartier Watches launch of its new collection, another centre of seismic change, San Francisco was chosen as the host city for an occasion that mirrored the same sense of wonder and fulfilment that must have percolated through the streets of the French capital when young Louis first conceived of his watch back in 1901.