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Cartier Releases Two New ‘Drive De Cartier’ Fake Watches

Two more models are added to the ‘Drive de Cartier’ collection. They probably appeal to a part of the Cartier clientele, on which the previous three models might have been lost: that of the classic Cartier connoisseur.

A display back with sapphire crystal would have made the case considerable thicker. The result is a very comfortable and discrete watch on the wrist, that fits under every type of cuff. The dial is as plain as possible, it even doesn’t have the guilloché like the other watches in the Drive De Cartier Replica Watches collection have. With only the Cartier logo and the Roman numerals, combined with the thin and blued sword hands, the ‘Drive de Cartier Extra Flat’ offers a minimalistic and classy look.

The watch comes in pink gold as well as a limited edition series of just 200 pieces made in white gold. This white gold version is the winner for me, but be aware of the possibility that Fake Cartier Watches Sale could release a steel version that probably shares the exact same looks. Like they did in 2005, when the Pasha 42 was released in steel.

The other new ‘Drive de Cartier’ that was introduced has a moon phases indicator. It is also more pure looking then the former Cheapest Cartier Watches introductions. Especially when compared to the version with small complications, that was released last year. This Cartier Drive has my favorite complication, a moon phase, located above the number 6. Cartier chose for the traditional moon phase with blue sky and gold moon & stars.

The moon phases indicator looks great on the Cartier Replica Watches. In my opinion, much nicer than a moon phases indicator by hand or with a full circular cut-out on the dial. There is no seconds hand and no date indicator on this reference, which results in a very well-balanced dial.

These two watches are difficult to compare. Although they both belong to the same collection, they are very different time pieces. Each of them will have their own share of admirers. The Moon Phase as well as the Extra Flat can easily be worn with a shirt and suit, but the extra flat is the absolute dress watch of these two. The Cartier Replica Watches Swiss Movement with its larger case, looks great with any outfit as well. The watch is more sporty due to its domed crystal, which is the charm of the ‘Drive collection’.