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Cartier Privé Tonneau Skeleton Clone Alligator Strap

The Tonneau Skeleton Dual Time is a suitable dual time zone luxury replica watch, powered by a single movement with two time displays. Since this is a single action, the two minute hands are synchronized, so the second time zone can only be set in units of one hour.

In terms of function, the Tonneau skeleton is easy to understand and operate.

The upper crown is used to wind the chain and set two time zones at the same time. But in fact the lower crown is the pusher: it moves the hour hand one hour forward in the second time zone.

Although the sub-dial is not marked, the settings of the Cartier Replica Watch mean that the upper sub-dial displays the local time, while the lower sub-dial displays the local time.

On the wrist, the Tonneau skeleton is large, but the size is just right. The shape of Cartier’s barrels is somewhat feminine due to proportions, so the case must be enlarged to be used as a men’s watch.

The “Tonneau skeleton” has a diameter of 29.8 mm and a length of 52.4 mm, making it large enough to be a large men’s clone watch. Its diameter is the same as the double diameter of CPCP barrels ten years ago, but the diameter is significantly longer, so it looks larger.

With a maximum height of only 11.9 mm, it is very slender and can present a beautiful shape on the wrist, especially due to the prominent curvature and tapered profile of the case.

Although the shape of the Cartier Replica Watches Ebay case is relatively simple, its surface treatment is very effective, and the contrasting brushed and polished surface makes its appearance more refined.