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Cartier Libre Jewelled Clone Watches

Cartier Libre remodeled the iconic Cartier case into a fine jewelry timepiece. Cartier Clone Watch launched the latest Cartier Libre duo-Baignoire Turtle and Tortue Snake-both inlaid with jewelry, enamel, ironically: a turtle dressed up like a snake, and a turtle named after a bathtub.

Although these two jewellery watches are very luxurious, they all have a sense of humor. The shape of each Cheap Cartier Replica watch case is inspired by an object-zigzag meaning tortoise, bagnoy, bathtub-but the case of each watch is decorated with other themed patterns, reminiscent of surrealist art.

These two Best replica watch site reviews are full of charm, and Bagnoire Turtle’s two watches are also more eye-catching, thanks to the use of blue steel hands, in sharp contrast with the diamond dial.

The decoration of Baignoire Turtle is like a turtle. The Cartier Watches Lowest Prices bezel and dial are divided into pentagonal and hexagonal panels, outlined in blue enamel. The panel itself is decorated with brilliant-cut diamonds and flat-cut sapphires.

The outer edge of the shell is a black enamel border and paved with light yellow tsavorite, making the turtle’s shell look more perfect. The “bathtub” case is rhodium-plated white gold, Cartier Watches Discount Forum 32 mm long and 25 mm wide at its widest point.