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Cartier Fine Watchmaking unfurls new heights to signature replica watches

Cartier Replica has reached the strongest expression in its incredible craftsmanship through the release of signature watches that shine with outstanding character of Fine Watchmaking: The Astromystérieux, Skeleton, Crash, Rotonde Earth and Moon.

ROTONDE DE CARTIER Astromystérieux Replica

Following the first Mysterious Hour and Mysterious Double Tourbillon models, this year’s edition of Astromystérieux achieves a new feat by combining the central rotation of an escapement with the axis of the watch’s hands.

This watchmaking tour de force is obtained through the juxtaposition of the movement’s components, assembled around four sapphire discs that animate the whole. The architecture of the 9462 MC calibre is every bit as ethereal in the organisation of its central axis, comprising the escapement, balance-wheel, gear train and barrel.

Unlike a conventional tourbillon, the charming fake Cartier watches Astromystérieux is distinguished by the central rotation of its mysterious flying cage over a period of one hour, enclosing not only the escapement and balance-wheel, but also the gear train and barrel. This cage is made up of a lower bridge in the form of a sapphire disc with a large diameter, together with two upper bridges, one of which holds the balance-wheel and the other the escapement, the gear train and the barrel. It is this rotating cage that indicates the minutes, thus dictating its rhythm of rotation.

ROTONDE DE CARTIER Earth and Moon Replica

Presented this year in a pink gold version with its skeletonised Roman numerals, the Rotonde de Cartier Earth and Moon copy watches juxtaposes two indications: On one side, a terrestrial display showing local time and a second time zone indication represented by a 24-hour disc; on the other, a lunar display with inter-dependent tourbillon and on-demand Moon-phase indications.

The complications of the Earth and Moon watch make up a creative and vivacious universe in which the skeletonised Roman numerals underline Cartier’s dynamics for Fine Watchmaking.

ROTONDE DE CARTIER Day/Night Retrograde Moon Phases Replica

The Rotonde de Cartier model lends its generously-proportioned dial to two of the most spectacular complications in Fine Watchmaking: the Day/Night indicator and the retrograde Moon Phases display. From left to right and dawn to dusk, the Sun and Moon follow each other across the upper part of the dial. This ever-moving display is accompanied by the retrograde progression of a hand indicating the functional Cartier fake watches Moon Phases, from the first to the last crescent, across the lower part of the dial.

To showcase this double complication, Cartier has conceived a dial in deep blue lacquer illuminated by gold spangles, on which the Moon Phases are set with diamonds and sapphires.

CLÉ DE CARTIER Automatic Skeleton Replica

A symbolic example of Cartier ingenuity, it introduces the Maison’s first skeleton movement with automatic winding, the calibre 9612 MC, scientifically designed so as to enhance its aesthetic appearance.

MECHANICAL LEGENDS Crash Skeleton Replica

With the Crash Skeleton copy watch with pink gold, Cartier pushes experimentation with shape to its limits and continues its series of Mechanical Legends, the purest watchmaking expression of Cartier’s emblematic shapes. With the calibre 9618 MC, the case and movement become one so as to adapt to the legendary asymmetrical profile of the Crash watch.

The Crash Skeleton watch is fitted with a transparent case-back that allows its wearer to admire the gearings of the manual winding calibre 9618 MC and its skeletonised plates that resemble a sculpture with surfaces that are bevelled, satin-finished and polished one by one.

The effect of this spectacular example of watchmaking expertise relies both on its aesthetic and technical prowess and on the idiosyncratic aspect of the crash valuable replica watch, which first appeared in 1967. Today a source of inspiration for Cartier Fine Watchmaking, this iconic watch is now available in a new pink gold version, following a previous platinum model.