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Cartier Clone Introduces Maillon de Cartier

Cartier Clone used to be a high-end jewelry manufacturer. Before becoming an important watch manufacturer in the 20th century, it launched Santos-Dumont in 1904, which was the first Replica watch designed specifically for men. Today, it not only crosses the border between watchmaking and watchmaking, but also launched the latest generation of Santos-Dumont, and now Maillon de Cartier.

The Cartier Replica Watch size of the case is 16 mm x 17 mm, standing 6.8 mm, the surface is mirror polished, and framed by the hexagonal bezel integrated in the bracelet, which not only highlights the watch’s slenderness, but also emphasizes its engraving quality.

The Fake Cartier dial in the typical Cartier style: silver surface, blue steel sword needle and stylized Roman numerals. Due to the small size of the dial, Cartier’s “secret signature” has not traditionally been included in the “VII”.

Maillon de Cartier Replica is composed of six reference golds, rose gold and white gold. In addition to the basic gold model, the crown is a sapphire cabochon other styles, other styles also provide a variety of diamond settings and a brilliant cut diamond in the crown.