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A Guide to the Replica Watch Groups

Each such a change in the landscape of the industry’s landscape: a key brand to get the sale to a major observation group and the balance of power changes are so minor. In a few years since we last big group holdings, some major changes: Harry Winston is now part of the Replica watches Group, has been the Ulysse Nardin, and citizens and Ken group has entered the world of Swiss Replica watches.
Based on Bienne, Switzerland, Swatch group is the world’s largest Replica watches company. Net sales of 8460000000 Swiss Replica watches francs ($9040000000), reported 2013, sf8.17 billion ($8740000000) from Replica watches and jewelry. Publicly listed companies have 18 Replica watches brands, across the entire price spectrum. Breguet is one of the most expensive, and OMEGA can generate the most revenue is the three largest Swiss Replica watches brand.
Replica watches group is the most powerful companies in the Swiss Replica watches industry because of many parts manufacturers. Thanks to all of the above ETA, its sports products company, Replica watches group is undoubtedly the watch movement of the Swiss industry’s top suppliers. It also has a top supplier of Nivarox far, hairspring. In keeping with 2013 rule of Concord (Swiss Competition Commission), Replica watches Group will gradually slow mechanical movement outside the company from now by sales, although it will continue to the third party supply escapement.
Replica watches group bought Winston Harry made a famous purchase at 2013. Not only to buy the Replica watches group in the jewelry category of complementary strength, has become a small part of the group’s business, which also give the company to get more global diamond market. This year, the group won a lawsuit and Tiffany Tiffany brand Replica watches production; therefore the Swatch Group no longer in production watch brand in this.
According to the 2013 annual report, the group has 184 Affiliated Companies. At the end of 2013, the group has 33590 employees.